Friday, December 27, 2013

What Next?

Post Christmas is so gloriously overwhelming.  Suddenly all the excitement is over and you're standing in a sea of wrapping paper and tape and all the chores you've put off until "after the holidays" wash over you like a tidal wave.  Then, your husband says something like, "what should we do for dinner?" and the thought of scaring up something for your family to eat nearly does you in?  Anybody else?

But mostly I think it's the fun kind of overwhelming.  The kids are happily (and quietly!) playing with their new toys; I blissfully ignore the empty refrigerator to play with my new toys, and we are all together, which almost never happens.  We're still glowing that Christmas glow.

Still, the looming question remains, "what next?"  With all my "to do" stuff, but also with Bible reading.  Good news!  I have a plan.  I've decided to go back and reread the book of Amos (of all things).  My pastor suggested it a while back for our justice ministry, so Amos it is!  Then it's back to the Gospel, because I just can't get enough of that Savior of ours!

So there it is.  If nothing else, I have a plan for my Bible!  That's one thing down!  And I sort of feel like brainstorming that little plan is plenty to accomplish today... I think it's back to playing Trouble with my kids.

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