Monday, December 30, 2013

The Word Became Flesh

I feel like I haven't been to church in a hundred years.  We were just there on Christmas Eve, but does that seem like it was months away?!  The truth is, I haven't been to my church and heard my pastor in too, too long!  Luckily, I can tune into his podcasts which I did today while I scrubbed my floors.  His message yesterday was great- here is the whole message if you want to scrub your floors too: Experiencing God's Love

Here is a blurb from the end of the sermon that I loved:

The Word became flesh.  The Word is standing in front of us today and he calls our name.  You see, as we read the Bible we’re not just acquiring knowledge.  When we invite you to be reading your Bible as a spiritual discipline we’re not just inviting you to acquire religious knowledge. Jesus begins to emerge from that Scripture.  And suddenly we are reading more than words; we are experiencing a person.  Something real is happening; more than our thinking is being effected; we’re being touched, we’re being changed at the deepest levels of our being, it is not an idea the word coming into our heads, it is a person communicating with us.  Flesh.  The Scripture comes alive because the Word became flesh.  Jesus steps out of those pages and into our lives….
He is the God who became real so we could experience his transforming love.  Jesus is not just a truth to believe in, he is a person to be experienced...

Does that make you want to tear into your Bible or what?!  Our God wants a relationship with us and the Bible is our very best tool for making that happen.  Besides sending Jesus, I would argue Scripture is the most awesome gift God gave us.  All the more reason to get my face in there!  I hope you'll join me in 2014!

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