Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small Miracles

I read a cute article in HomeLife magazine, in which a mom explains to her kid they can't buy Miracle Whip unless it's on sale (something my kids can totally relate to).  They pray about it and... the store has a huge sale on what else?  Miracle Whip!

This reminded me of a similar predicament we had earlier this year.  Molly is allowed to get hot lunch every other Friday, but Lucky Tray Day was coming up.  That is a Big Deal if you're Molly Mitchell.  She asked if she might swap a Friday hot lunch for Lucky Tray Day on Wednesday.  What could I do?  I agreed, of course.  If you are not familiar with the (almost a) holiday that is Lucky Tray Day, a sticker is placed under a couple select lunch trays and if yours has a sticker, you win!

The night before the big day I asked Molly what she wanted to pray about (she normally has really legitimate and considerate prayer requests, honest!)  Of course she wanted to pray that she would get the lucky tray.  This was painful for me, because come on.  People are starving ("Lord, we want to lift up to you the children who do not have any trays, lucky or not!") and here we are praying for a win.  But, I've always told my girls they can pray about anything, so have mercy, we prayed for a lucky tray. 

Don't think she did not win.

I really did not see this one coming.  She was the only one in her class with a lucky tray.  She could pick an ice cream cone or a hat as her prize.  Here she is in her hat (that she wore nearly every polar vortex-y day, by the way!)

The truth is, I've prayed for some pretty minuscule stuff myself.  But minuscule prayers don't feel that way at the time, right?  It's just another awesome thing about our God.  If something is important to us, it's important to Him.  I love that God concerns Himself with the details of our lives.  Lucky trays and all.

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